Creative Ideas for Souvenirs

Enjoy this latest post by guest blogger and photographer Kelli Thomas

Now that you are on your journey, what should you bring back?

  1. Avoid the chain resturants that you have on every corner. Ask at your hotel; front desk attendants and concierges are great, and apps like Yelp have good info as well. Pick up a to go menu, it's a great way to remember where you ate and share the experience with your family and friends.

  2. While you are out in an area, stop by a local fire station and pick up a t-shirt. Not only will you find a better quality shirt, you are supporting local responders. Sometimes you might even get a tour.

  3. Depending on where you are traveling, perhaps picking up a small amount of soil or a rock that catches your eye. Just remember to label it! Just toss a couple small zip lock bags in your day pack.

  4. Create a photo series of an opject, especially if you are going on a multi-city or multi-country tour. Pick an everyday object and compare the differences in the places you visit. An few examples could be benches, doors, or windows (or other architectural items). Try and use the same angle with all the pictures. It's a good idea to practice a little before your trip.

  5. Create a collage of your items when you return. This is a fun way to share memeories of your travels.

Collecting and displaying these creative and fun souviners are a great way to remember your trip. If it's been a stressful day coming home and putting on that tshirt from the Firehouse in New Zealand, walking by a shadowbox of the small rocks and bottles of sand from your Caribean cruise, or seeing the collage of door photos from that tour of Europe is a way to destress and remember your travels.




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