How to Make your Vacation Photos Better & More Memorable

This is the first blog post by my guest blogger, photographer Kelli Thomas.  Try out some of her suggestions, and bring back some great vacation photos to share with us!
  • Background!!!!  Nothing ruins a photo like a power pole appearing to be someone's new hat.
  • If it's windy (travel to Chicago or San Francisco) have the subject face the wind. Get the model wind blown hair look, even if modeling isn't your job.
  • When you visit tourist spots, try taking another shot form a different perspective. Squat down, hold the came above your head. Your friends might recognize the place but this will give them a chance to see it a little differently.
  • Include people or other objects to show scale. Help others see how really huge your cruise ship is compared to the private boats in the harbor.
  • When you are inside a building, like a museme or famous place, take your photo with the window light behind you. This will create a soft light around the room, especially in places that do not allow flash photography. 

Kelli Thomas Photography - Hobbiton - New Zealand     Kelli Thomas Photography - New Zealand Background

Kelli Thomas Photography


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