Top 10 Reasons to Cruise

As an avid cruiser, here are my personal favorite "Top 10" reasons to cruise:

1)  Cruising gives travelers the chance to get away from everyone and everything in their everyday routine (except those loved ones you want to bring with you, of course!).

2)  You can relax and have everyone done for you the whole time!

3)  Cruises are a great vacation value.  Your cruise fare includes ship passage, accommodations, meals, shipboard entertainment and activities, and complimentary use of world-class onboard facilities.

4)  Cruises allow you to visit multiple places in a single vacation!

5)  Cruise vacations offer something for every type of traveler, so no matter whom you're traveling with, there's bound to be something that caters to each person's tastes and interests.

6)  You can meet people from all over the world on a single cruise!

7)  Cruise itineraries are available worldwide.  What a great way to see the world!

8)  Cruising can take you to some of the most exotic and/or remote places in the world, some of which are only accessible by sea.

9)  Cruises are not only a great introduction to a destination, but also a leisurely way to re-visit favorite destinations, perhaps for a different perspective.

10)  Cruise vacations can be extended with a land-based tour before and/or after sailing, giving travelers the opportunity to see their destination more in-depth.



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