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10 Trips to Treat Yourself To

We all need a treat sometimes.  As part of our Celebrating Life Through Travel blog series, here are 10 Trips to Treat Yourself To:

10 Trip Ideas for Family Retreats

Family retreats, whether planned for 6 or 600, are meant to allow family members to spend time together and re-connect.  

I tend to think of family retreats as trips where the focus is on doing things together as a family, as opposed to the typical buzz of "meet, greet, and split" on family reunion trips, where each nuclear family or smaller group might do their own thing.  

10 Great Destinations for Couples' Getaways

Every couple needs to get away once in a while.  Here are10 ideas for couples' getaway destinations that are easy to plan, easy to get to, and don't necessarily have to cost a lot (but of course, the sky's the limit if you want to treat yourselves!):

10 Ideas for Family Reunion Trips

If you have family members spread far and wide, a family reunion is often one of the best ways to ensure that as many of your loved ones as possible can spend time together.  Hoewever, they can be challenging to plan, keeping everyone's needs, schedules, costs, and interests in mind.  

Here are 10 of our favorite ideas for family reunion trips.  See many more destination and trip ideas as part of our Celebrating Life Through Travel blog series.

10 Great Destinations to Celebrate the 4th of July

As part of our ongoing blog series Celebrating Life Through Travel, here are my picks for 10 great destinations to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday.  More holiday travel ideas are found throughout our blog.  

These destinations are our picks either for their patriotic heritage, fireworks displays and other festivities, or both:

10 Great Destinations for Memorial Day Weekend

As part of our blog series on Celebrating Life Through Travel, here are 10 great destinations for Memorial Day Weekend:

Palm Springs, CA - Great long weekend destination!

Austin, TX - Outdoor concerts are a great way to start your summer!

Boalsburg, PA - Visit the town where Memorial Day originated.  Great hometown parade and all!

Ocean City, MD - A great East Coast getaway destination.

Las Vegas, NV - Sin city never disappoints!

10 Trips to Celebrate the Winter Holidays

The cold days of winter abound with holiday celebrations.  As part of our blog series Celebrating Life Through Travel, here ideas for 10 trips to help you and your loved ones celebrate the winter holidays.  More specifically, for this post, we turn our thoughts to Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmastime trips:

10 Great Honeymoon Destinations & Trip Ideas

Continuing our blog series dedicated to Celebrating Life Through Travel, here are 10 great honeymoon destinations and trip ideas.

These are our current picks, but of course, Celebrations International Travel's agents can make any destination or trip "honeymoon suitable" by adding the right elements and special touches for the occasion.

10 Great Wedding Destinations

As part of our blog series on Celebrating Life Through Travel, here are our picks for ten great wedding destinations.  Or if you're already married, there's no reason why you couldn't consider these destinations for a vow renewal ceremony if you choose!    

To clarify, we are listing these simply as great places to get married.  Whether or not they are "destination wedding suitable" depends upon the individual needs of the couple and those traveling wth them. 

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