Cruise Tips

Tip #1

Well in advance of your cruise, make sure you have the proper documentation needed to enter all ports on your itinerary.  Without it, you could be denied boarding!

Tip #2

If you have any type of special need or concern, let your travel agent know immediately.  He or she can then take all necessary steps to ensure that your needs are accommodated onboard and that you're well taken care of by the crew.

Tip #3

If you're a first-time cruiser or you have never visited certain ports of call, think of your cruise as an overview of the destination to which you might choose to return on a future trip to explore in greater depth.  That way, you won't feel like you have to see and do everything all at once.  It just might help you relax and indulge in your cruise vacation!


Tip #4

Ask lots of questions, and don't worry how small of a detail something might seem. 

Whether you're a first-timer or veteran cruiser, things are constantly evolving in the world of cruising, so rely on your cruise expert travel agent for the latest and greatest information.  That way, you'll always know what to expect at any point during your cruise vacation.

Tip #5

Get directions to the port of embarkation!  Remember, some cities have more than one cruise terminal in close proximity.  So make sure you have directions to the correct cruise terminal.  That way you won't have to rush and  can avoid unnecessary stress on embarkation day.

Tip #6

Be sure you're clear what's included in your cruise fare and what's not, so you won't have any unpleasant surprises in the end.

This might seem self-explanatory, but every cruise line has its own policies, complimentary inclusions, and services and items for which a surcharge might apply.  It can be quite confusing, so anytime you're unsure whether something costs extra or not, you should ask. 

Here are some of the most common things that carry surcharges on cruises (but maybe not always, so check to be sure):

  • Specialty Dining:  It helps to know which foodservice establishmens on your ship count as specialty dining venues, so find that out in advance.  Typically, applicable surcharges are posted, but may or may not be in a conspicuous place, so I suggest not taking a chance.
  • Internet Usage
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Mini-Bar Items
  • Alcohol & Specialty Beverages:  This includes juices, specialty coffees, smoothies, sodas, and maybe even a regular cup of coffee, if you ask for it at a bar.
  • Boutique Shopping & Souvenirs:  This includes the cool martini glasses you can buy at the bars, the cruise line's cookbook on display in a restaurant, and the Onboard Naturalist or Guest Speaker's CD that you might like.
  • Room Service:  Room service is usually complimentary, but some cruise lines impose a surcharge during certain hours (i.e. midnight - 5 a.m.) aimed at discouraging food waste.  In addition, surcharges sometimes apply for certain beverages when ordered through room service, like juice and soda.
  • Spa & Beauty Services:  There is a charge for these services, however, note that use of spa facilities like the sauna, steam room, and relaxation room are most often complimentary. 
  • Use of Specialty Facilities:  Things that fall into this category usually include miniature golf, golf simulators, or specially-designated areas like an adults-only relaxation area, etc.
  • Wine Tastings
  • Special Onboard Tours, Activities, & Experiences:  Some behind-the-scenes tours, activities that involve a significant cost, and other exclusive offerings carry an additional cost.




Tip #7

If possible, wait until you get to the embarkation city before attaching cruise line luggage tags. That way, you won't have to worry about the tags falling off or fraying while in transit.  

Luggage tags provided by the cruise line are essential in making sure your bags get to your stateroom!


Tip #8

Arrive in the city of embarkation the day before your cruise sets sail.   That way, you won't have to stress about getting to the cruise ship in time in case of airline, traffic, or other unforeseen delays.

At Celebrations International Travel, we always advise clients to spend the night before embarkation at a hotel located within easy access of the cruise terminal.  We will also arrange ground transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the cruise terminal as needed.


Tip #9

Always pack a daypack with things you'll need for the first few hours onboard, until your luggage is delivered to your stateroom.  Important Note:   Always keep medications, camera and video equipment, valuables, and other necessities in your daypack.

Tip #10

Complete your paperwork & check-in procedures when you receive you travel docs. It saves time & hassle at the pier. 

That way, you will have time to ensure that all necessary personal travel documentation (I.D.'s, visas, military discharge papers, etc.) are in order.  This also saves time and hassle at the pier.


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