Hermitage Bay

"The perfect mixture of living with the natural environment and living in luxury"

Hermitage Bay Resort in AntiguaThe intimate, privately-owned Hermitage Bay is comprised of just 25 luxury cottages so that "even at its busiest, the place seems remote and quaint." Whether visiting for the first time or returning as a friend, you'll enjoy a sort of members-only exclusivity and "sensation of belonging" as if the hotel was built for a select few. Tucked into a beautiful bay in one of the most secluded corners of Antigua, it is perfect for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Spanning 16 acres of lush tropical gardens, our eco-chic, luxury hotel provides all the comforts of a 5 star resort without compromising the natural habitat that thrives around it. Our open-air facilities, extensive beach and detatched rooms allow you to unwind in isolated luxury. Each of the 8 beachfront cottages features a spacious split level lounge and patio, while the large wrap-around decks and private plunge pools of the 17 hillside pool suites afford the added luxury of soaking up the Caribbean sun from the privacy of your own sun bathing deck.

"The food, oh the food! This was the highlight of our stay."

Whether enjoying lunch by the pool, dining in the beachfront restaurant, or having breakfast in bed, every meal feels privately catered. The menus change daily and feature freshly squeezed local juices, locally grown produce, and organic ingredients. At the resort, entrées are prepared to order, special requests are encouraged, and the kitchen is always open.
Gourmet Cuisine at Hermitage Bay Resort, AntiguaFruit Trees at the Hermitage Bay Resort in Antigua
"What time these people take to make you feel like you are the only person that they are serving!"
Greeted with a warm smile and welcomed by name, the couple is offered cool hand towels and two refreshing non-alcoholic mojitos (the resort’s signature drink). Together with the receptionist, they sit on one of the lobby’s long sofas to complete their registration form and get acquainted with the hotel.
While chatting, they comment on the dirt road that leads to the hotel. With an easy smile, the receptionist explains that while they may pave it some day, for now it’s just another characteristically Caribbean Road. Or as another guest reflected, "it is simply the start of Hermirage Bay’s luxuriously secluded, rustic resort appeal"
Described as "discrete and unostentatious, minimalist but far from basic" Hermitage Bay employs a resort philosophy that thrives on authentic experiences, easy living and "barefoot luxury". Likewise, the personable style of service follows suit as the staff are encouraged to act naturally - as if welcoming you into their own home. Like most exclusive hotels and 5 star resorts, our staff has been carefully selected for their discretion, friendliness and efficiency. The Hermitage Bay difference, however, is felt in the sincere smiles and unique personalities that shine through their formal training.
Hermitage Bay Resort, Antigua - Hilltop Plunge PoolAccommodation at Hermitage Bay Resort, Antigua

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