Travel Information & Services

Travel Information & Services
In an effort to assist our clients in their travel planning, Celebrations International Travel has assembled this collection of services, resources, and general information.  Visit us often, as the information and features change frequently.

Passports & Visas
For the most up-to-date information on passport and visa requirements, travel advisories, and other travel-related issues, Celebrations International Travel recommends visiting the U.S. Department of State's Web site:
Celebrations International Travel has partnered with CIBT, Inc. to offer you expedited passport and visa services at a discounted rate. Important Note: Celebrations International Travel refers clients to CIBT, Inc. and their partner companies as an added service for their convenience.  Our agency does not participate in, nor are we in any way involved in or responsible for the passport, visa, or document issuance or expedition process.

Flight Itineraries & World Time

Please note that for all international flight itineraries, in order to figure out exactly when you will arrive at your destination, you will need to add the time difference between your city of origin and your destination city to your total flight time.

For example, if you depart Los Angeles at 11:50 p.m. on Monday flying non-stop to Hong Kong and your total flight time is 14 hours, 35 minutes: 11:50 p.m. Monday + 14 hours, 35 minutes flight time = 2:25 p.m. Tuesday (Los Angeles time) + 16 hours time difference = 6:25 a.m. Wednesday (Hong Kong time).

When crossing the International Date Line in flight, you lose an entire day on the way to your destination, but you make up the time on your flight home because you will arrive the same day your flight departed.

Transportation Security Administration
We recommend that our clients visit the Transportation Security Administration's Web site at for the most accurate and up-to-date information on airport security, carry-on baggage restrictions, and other important information.

Destination Information
To learn more about the destinations you are planning to visit, Celebrations International Travel can provide you with a destination guide containing helpful information.  Contact us for details.
Consular Information Sheets are available from the U.S. Department of State at

Cellular & Satellite Phone Rentals
Celebrations International Travel offers worldwide cellular and satellite phone rentals through Cellular Express. Click on this or any Cellular Express link for more information.


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